Best Hotels for Your Family Vacation in Bali

Ubud that is located in Bali is known as one of the best place to visit in Bali, especially for those who want to feel the real natural sensation of living in a village. Even though, that does not mean that you cannot find the best hotels with five stars rating around the area. If you are having vacation in Ubud and you are looking for the best Ubud accommodation Bali with your family, then some of these hotels might be worth to try to spend some of your days in Ubud Bali.

The first one is Viceroy Bali. This hotel is considered as one of the best hotels where you can stay if you visit Ubud Bali. That is because all of the facilities and amnesties on this hotel are very modern. As an addition to that, you will get nothing but luxuries from this hotel. For the starting room rate, you will need to spend at least 550 dollars for a night with your family on this hotel. The second option is Royal Kamuela Ubud. This hotel has the kind of natural and chic looking design that many people love. Even though, this hotel also has some nice facilities such as the spa centre and the private pools. If you think about the price, then you might be glad to know that you will only need to spend about 230 dollars a night with your family at this hotel.

The next one is Four Seasons Resort. Some of you might have known the name of Four Seasons Hotel. Yes, this one is just the same like that you can find in many other countries in Asia. That is because this resort that you can find in Ubud Bali is just another branch. Standing on the name of the Four Seasons Hotel, you should never doubt about anything that you can get. For the starting room rate of this hotel, you will need to spend at least 450 dollars a night for a room with your family.

Those are some hotels with five stars rating that you can find in Ubud Bali. Basically, there are also some other nice options of five stars hotel that you can find in Ubud Bali, but those hotel options above can be considered as the most recommended ones where you can stay with your family during your vacation in Ubud Bali. So, which one that you will pick?

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